– 2020 –

May 19th, 2:30 PM – Planning and Design ADA Guidelines for DOT, Cities and Municipalities. (Understanding PROWAG 2011)  – Learn the importance of ADA compliance, the requirements and benefits of transition plans, and the design requirements detailed in Public Rights-of-Way Accessibilities Guidelines (PROWAG) Register Here

May 20, 11AM Roller Compacted Concrete for Dams – This free one-hour webinar will discuss the basics of RCC with examples of recent successful applications to dam projects. Register Here

May 20, 11AM Sustainability: EPDs and Eco-Efficiency Analysis – This presentation will offer insights into understanding a carbon footprint and other environmental indicators of products; Quantifying the environmental results from a concrete mixture – life cycle assessment;Comparing various mixtures to determine the most sustainable option – Eco-Efficiency Analysis; Developing, understanding and using an environmental label for concrete products – EPD Register Here

May 21, 2PM Concrete Trail Design –  A properly designed and constructed concrete trail can be a sustainable amenity for any community. Recently, the Guide to Concrete Trails by the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center was published to provide guidance for design and construction of paved concrete recreational trails, including those for biking, running, and walking, and of other pathways such as cart paths on golf courses. This session will review the guide with an emphasis towards improving the transportation and recreation opportunities of the general public through trail development. Register Here

May 26th 1PM  –    How States are Implementing PROWAG – Design and Construction: An In-Depth Look at Wisconsin and Missouri’s Approaches to ADA Compliance – In this webinar, we share a hands approach of the Planning and Design and turn it towards the Construction part of ADA. This session includes looking at real life projects in both Wisconsin and Missouri. Register Here

May 27th, 11AM Portland-Limestone Cement – This free one-hour webinar reviews PLC performance in concrete, including strength and durability attributes. Register Here

May 28th, 2PM Designing Pervious Concrete –   Pervious concrete pavement is considered a best management practice by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is a recommended solution to reducing runoff in the LEED Green Building Rating System. Pervious concrete pavement is ideal for parking areas, sidewalks, patios, tennis courts, roads and driveway. This one-hour webinar provides an introduction to designing a pervious concrete pavement infiltration system. Register Here

June 2nd  1PM  – Concrete Pavement Preservation I – Concrete Pavement Management and Preservation – Preventive Maintenance including actual examples and case studies. Register Here

June 3rd, 11AM Design of Full-Depth Reclamation Pavements – This free one-hour webinar will discuss the process for properly preparing mixture and thickness designs for FDR with cement roadway bases.  Register Here

June 3, 11AM Hot Weather Concreting – This topic will address the following: What are the conditions for Hot Weather Concrete and their effects on concrete?; Challenges to producing, placing, finishing, jointing and curing concrete in Hot Weather conditions.; Methods of success to producing and placing quality concrete in Hot weather.  Register Here

June 9th 1PM  – Concrete Pavement Preservation II –  Concrete Pavement Evaluation and Strategy Selection with case studies. Register Here

June 16th  1PM  –  Concrete Pavement Preservation III –   Concrete Pavement Preservation Treatment Construction with examples and case studies. Register Here

June 17th, 11AM – Cement-Based Integrated Pavement Solutions
This free one-hour webinar will discuss how portland cement can be incorporated into just about every layer of a pavement system. Register Here


                           Miami, FL

August 30-September 2 ||  APWA/PUBLIC WORKS EXPO

                     New Orleans, LA

September 27-29 ||  NRMCA CONCRETE WORKS

                           Aurora, CO


                           Baltimore, MD

2021 –

January 31-February 4 || TRB 100th Annual Meeting

Washington, D.C.