– 2020 –

September 14-16 – National Association of State Aviation Officials – Virtual Conference – https://nasao2020.com/

September 22, 2020, Resiliency/Resilient Pavement Systems –
We hear the word resiliency, but how does it tie into pavements? How do we recover from disasters and how can road design impact that recovery effort?

Topics in this presentation include:
*The Need for Resilient Pavements      *Defining Resiliency
*Improving a Pavement’s Resiliency
Presenters: Jim Mack, Director Infrastructure Market Development , CEMEX
Tom Van Dam, Principal, NCE –  Register Here

September 23, 2020, 2pm – Cultivating Women Leaders – The Women in Concrete Alliance (WICA) seeks to connect women in the concrete construction industry. Our goal is to provide opportunity for networking and growth, as well as inspiration for woman choosing the concrete industry as a career path. Join us in a virtual panel discussion of accomplished women who will share their passion and experiences that have made them extraordinary leaders. They will share best practices in navigating unique challenges women face in a professional career such as work/life balance pre and post pandemic, establishing yourself in the workplace, handling trials with grace, and more. Be prepared to gain new perspective, encouragement and tools to implement in your career as we walk this journey together as women in the concrete industry. Register Here

September 24, 2020, 11am – Doing More With Less: Economically-efficient Management of Pavement Networks

Budgets for transportation agencies are insufficient to deal with increasing traffic levels and as a consequence, the condition of pavement networks is worsening. This presentation will highlight the outcomes of research from the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub on three tools for economically-efficient management of pavement networks including competitive paving prices, life cycle cost analysis, and asset management.

This webinar will be presented by CSHub Executive Director Jeremy Gregory.

The MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub) webinar series offers information of general interest to members of the building, paving, and construction communities, as well as to educators, students, journalists, and law and policy-makers interested in the environmental and economic impacts of decision-making concerning infrastructure. Videos of past webinars are archived to the CSHub YouTube Channel.

Webinars are free and open to the public. Presentations are geared toward a lay audience. Register Here

October 8, 2020, 11am – Sustainable Pavements: It’s About Much More Than Just Materials – A common misconception is that sustainable pavements are made with recycled or low-impact materials. While this is important, the full impact of pavements on the environment must be considered using a life cycle perspective. This presentation will highlight the outcomes of research from the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub on the use of life cycle assessment to evaluate the environmental impact of pavements including initial construction, maintenance and rehabilitation, and the use phase, which includes excess fuel consumption due to pavement-vehicle interaction and climate impacts from pavement reflectivity. Register Here

October 20, 2020, 1pm – Concrete Roundabout Design & Construction
Roundabouts are being used more often as a way to ensure
safer driving as well manage multiple intersections.
Roundabouts can be simple and straight forward, if you don’t
get turned around. More details to follow.


–2021 –

January 31-February 4 || TRB 100th Annual Meeting

Washington, D.C.